Speed Boat Adventures is looking for qualified operators to help bring our simple alternative to the common tour to new markets throughout the United States. Our goal is to continue growth through franchising and we currently have territories available.

What you need to start a franchise:

  • A reasonably large body of water (fresh or salt) with interesting sights for tourist.
  • A reasonable amount of visitors (tourist) to your area
  • A marina with sufficient boat slips (3-4 to start)
  • A fun loving service minded mentality


What we provide:

  • Reciprocity between locations
  • Peer network and annual conferences
  • Website and reservation system
  • Web portal access to forms, advertising materials, promotional items, and manuals.
  • Group insurance programs
  • Boat purchasing via national agreements
  • Training and operations assistance


What are the fees:

  • $25,000 initial franchise fee
  • Royalties are 10% of sales
  • Start-up cost of $110,000-225,000


For more information email to with your contact information or fill out our franchisee questionnaire below.

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